JBR Electronics - Services - Phoenix, AZ
JBR Electronics - We've Got You Covered
Is Your Computer Slowing You Down? Not everyone understands computers, but we do. Don't ignore a weird noise, a blue screen or an error message. Bring your computer to us when you are not sure what to do.

We can:

  • Repair Computers, Monitors and Hard Drives
  • Clean Computers
  • Replace Parts
  • Set-Up Networks
  • Install Wireless Devices
  • And More

Call now! 602-293-3375

Services We Offer
We are a full service electronic repair facility and all repairs are completed "in house" at our Phoenix location.
No job is too big or small and we do it all from computer upgrades/installs to on board soldering and SMD/SMT repairs.
Service Prices
$40.00   Virus Removals
$30.00   Diagnostics
$45.00   Operating System Installs
$20.00    Software Installs
$50.00    Data Backup/Data Migration
$25.00    Upgrade/Repair Labor
$50.00    Component Level Repair
$10.00   Shop Materials
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